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The idea of ​​building elsewhere than at the final site of the construction, of transporting and assembling a construction in a very short time, gained incredible momentum from the beginning, from the 1830s, becoming one of the most used methods of to build nowadays.

The containers produced by FDC offer a quick, affordable and flexible solution when you need office containers, site organizations, hospitals, schools, modular houses, metal garages...

Our products


Office space is essential for any business, regardless of its size. Whether we are talking about small offices for a few employees or slightly larger office spaces, FDC Containers offer you practical and modern solutions. Being easy to customize, the office containers stand out for their versatility and resistance.


No matter where you are, you need a place to sleep. Bedroom containers can be used singly or as a set of containers, they can be customized and fully equipped according to the customer's requirements: air conditioning, furniture, toilet, bathroom...


The first thing you start a construction site with is the toilet, continue the habit and choose a toilet container! Toilet containers can be used individually or as a whole in locations such as: construction sites, parks, schools, institutions, events, concerts, etc.

Guard cabins

"Better safe than bad!" We understood this and that's why we created guard cabins that are thermally comfortable and fully equipped. They are produced in four standard sizes and can be equipped with air conditioners, depending on the project and the needs of the client.


The success of any activity begins with good organization. Whether it is a large construction site or your own yard, storage containers are the most practical solution when you need mobile or fixed spaces for storing goods, tools, tools, equipment, etc.

Changing rooms

Clothes do not make the man, but if you want to change it, choose the ideal place to do it! Changing room containers are successfully used on construction sites, sports grounds, at swimming pools, representing a practical, fast and advantageous solution.


Some businesses started from a garage, but now you can develop your business with the help of a commercial container. Being easy to customize, relocate and expand, commercial containers can be adapted for various purposes: pharmacies, shops, cafes, fast food, vulcanization, barber shop, pet shop, etc.

Site organizations

We know how important fast delivery and long durability of site organization containers are to you. For this reason we do our best to have permanent stocks and pay special attention to the selection of materials used to withstand intensive and long-lasting use. Containers can be used as bedrooms, offices, toilets, showers, storage, security cabins, changing rooms, etc.

Hospitals / Sanitary facilities

The last years have taught us that we need fast, safe and easy to integrate solutions within any healthcare institution, contributing to the quality of the medical system. Sanitary containers are the optimal solution both for the expansion of existing units and for new constructions such as: medical, dental, veterinary, dispensary, morgue, etc.

Schools / Kindergartens

Education is the foundation of a society and should be accessible to all children, containers being the ideal solution for creating new educational spaces or expanding existing ones. The modular constructions of schools and kindergartens are equipped with all the necessary facilities for conducting courses and can be used as classrooms, toilets, changing rooms, dining rooms, gyms, laboratories and offices.


Aesthetic, functional and at an advantageous price? Yes it's possible. It not only protects your car, but also integrates perfectly into the decor of your yard. FDC garages are produced in two versions: insulated and non-insulated, they are delivered ready assembled, so that you can enjoy your own garage in a few minutes.

Container houses

We already know that you dream of your holiday cottage by the sea or at the foot of the mountain, so we have prepared for you the most practical, attractive and durable modular homes that you could wish for. Modular houses offer the advantage of creating spaces with a unique design for the hotel industry, accommodation and recreational spaces for school camps, spaces that serve as social housing or small houses and cottages for the country garden.
The advantages of using containers


Container constructions on a metal frame have a lower cost than classic constructions.


In order to realize them, a classic construction site is not needed.


The construction can take between 10 and 45 days depending on the complexity.

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